Glass 501 - Concentrate

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A concentrated blend of fast-drying, oil- and water-soluble solvents, GLASS 501 removes accumulated soils and deposits from numerous hard surfaces without streaking. Glass 501 should be diluted a minimum 50:1 dilution, though higher dilutions of 64:1 or more can be used depending on soil load. Special additives impart lubricity which minmizes friction of window squeegees/cleaning cloths for smoother, faster cleaning. Use GLASS 501 on counter tops and glazed tile, windows, mirrors, showcases, windshields, chrome, and other vitreous surfaces where a clean, streak-free shine is sought.

Non-Streaking · Non-Flammable  ·  VOC Compliant  ·  Biodegradable  ·  Safe for Most Surfaces.

Unit: One U.S. Gallon (3.785 Litres)

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