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Sanitek Products, Inc.

With over 70 years of experience, Sanitek Products, Inc. continues to create and improve products that hard-working people rely on every day, from personal care to commercial-use ingredients. A family-operated, dynamic chemical manufacturing company in Los Angeles, Sanitek is dedicated to innovative chemistry and environmental stewardship.

Our approach is to advance chemistry through formulation improvements while also exploring improved application techniques. While our product line may appear diverse, much of our efforts is surfactant-focused - compounds that all of us rely on every day.

Surfactants are diverse and so are our solutions!

Castile soap is an anionic surfactant, and with over 50 million pounds (and counting) of production under our belts, we have extensive expertise. Our work in fire-fighting surfactant chemistry resulted in multiple patent awards and its use has contributed to millions of acres of preserved forests. Whether incorporating environmentally sustainable ingredients into products or helping farmers reduce off-target spray drift through our unique adjuvant chemistry, we strive to formulate a better solution.

Unique thinking and determination to solve and improve our customers obstacles has allowed us to create very unique products for them, often first in the industry.

In April, 1941, only months away from the US entering WWII, a shoe salesman from Indiana with a penchant for honesty and integrity joined forces with his partner and chemist to found Sanitek Products, Inc.

They negotiated the purchase of a cleaning product line owned at the time by Bobrick Washroom Equipment Company. Hard days, weeks, months and years of work followed. Sanitek’s doors were threatened to be closed, yet in spite of difficult odds, L.C. (Mose) Moseley and his partner Doc Francis managed to eke out a living in the midst of the impending war. But hard work, dedication, and performance-focused chemistry produced successful results and eventually business began to grow.

Growth led to expansion in manufacturing capabilities which required additional space. So, in 1956, Sanitek moved to its current multi-acre site in downtown Los Angeles. As fate would have it, new owners of the previous property struck oil (literally) and an oil well was erected !

Over seven decades and three generations later, Sanitek continues to operate under the same values and principles, but without the oil.

Sanitek is most likely “The Biggest Little Soap Company You Have Never Heard Of.” We have produced well over 50 million pounds (and counting) of soap since 1941!

Since 1941, we have created formulations created for:

  • Walt Disney Company
  • Monsanto
  • United States Navy
  • Warner Brothers
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratories
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • ICL Performance Products
  • Australian Royal Air Force
  • Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
  • Bar’s Products International
  • Asplundh Tree Expert Company
  • And many, many more!

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