Sanag was formed more than 25 years ago as a division of Sanitek Products, Inc. to develop and market commercial agricultural products that focused on reducing potential off-target drift associated with ground and aerial spraying applications.

Drifgon, our original liquid drift control additive has received numerous accolades over the years droplet size control ability, has since been replaced by two new products, 38-F & 41-A. Now applicators have a choice between two highly active products; a liquid additive or a dry-flowable product that offer outstanding performance. Used worldwide, 38-F and 41-A offer agricultural operators better control of their spray application through droplet size regulation.

We are equally proud of the many friendships we enjoy within the agricultural fraternity. Agriculture is, by far, the largest industry of any in the United States and the only one the regularly enjoys a favorable balance of trade in the international market place.







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