Restroom Cleaners

  • Bite II - Calcium & Rust Dissolver

    Bite II - Calcium & Rust Dissolver

    BITE II is a new acid-free replacement technology that is very safe to use compared to that of hydrochloric acid. Non-fuming and safe on most surfaces, BITE II is a concentrated powerful ready-to-use cleaner that disolves scale and hard water buildup...

  • Pine Deodorant Cleaner

    Pine Deodorant Cleaner

    Made only from the finest, pure steam-distilled pine oil (not lower-grade terpene oils), this premium product cleans while it combats odors caused by bacteria. It's emulsifiable so it can be readily rinsed from any surface. Product Datasheet Material...

  • Saf-Dee - Soap Scum Remover

    Saf-Dee - Soap Scum Remover

    Newly revised SAF-DEE is a powerful ready-to-use cleaner that quickly and effectively removes scale and hard water buildup (lime, calcium, scale), rust, algae discoloration, and soap scrum deposits from horizontal and vertical surfaces. Product...

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