Kitchen & Laundry

  • Dish Detergent, Natural Almond Oil

    Dish Detergent, Natural Almond Oil

    Kleenwise Dish Detergent is a synergistic blend of powerful, biodegradable ingredients designed to offer maximum cleaning results at a low cost. Kleenwise Dish Detergent's surfactant blend and natural almond oil provide great grease-cutting properties...

  • Dish Detergent, Premium Natural Lemon

    Dish Detergent, Premium Natural Lemon

    Sanitek’s premium blend Liquid Dish Detergent is a mild, lemon-scented detergent containing a combination of anionic and nonionic surface active agents which effectively cut through grease and food soils. Liquid Dish Detergent is high sudsing and...

  • Micro-Cleanse Laundry Detergent - hE

    Micro-Cleanse Laundry Detergent - hE

    MC Laundry Detergent Is our premium liquid detergent that's suitable for a wide-range of cleaning operations. Micro-emulsion cleaning technology with optical brighteners and our premium fragrance blend leaves laundry items cleaner, brighter, and fresher...

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