Commercial Cleaners

  • Dish Detergent, Premium Natural Lemon

    Dish Detergent, Premium Natural Lemon

    Sanitek’s premium blend Liquid Dish Detergent is a mild, lemon-scented detergent containing a combination of anionic and nonionic surface active agents which effectively cut through grease and food soils. Liquid Dish Detergent is high sudsing and...

  • Dritek - Dry-Foam Carpet/Upholstery Shampoo

    Dritek - Dry-Foam Carpet/Upholstery Shampoo

    A highly concentrated dry-foam shampoo that has been formulated with optical brighteners to enhance colors. A special combination of surfactants creates an effective foam that solubilizes soils and draws them to the surface. When dry, soil is easily...

  • H.D. Stripper - Floor Finish Remover

    H.D. Stripper - Floor Finish Remover

    *** This item can only ship UPS Ground or LTL due to item being a Hazardous Material. *** Sanitek's most concentrated floor finish remover, H.D. Stripper breaks down floor finishes quicker than standard high-alkaline strippers and its high concentration...

  • Met-L-Rax Floor Finish

    Met-L-Rax Floor Finish

    Met-L-Rax is Sanitek's hardest and most durable floor finish with extreme resistance to black heel marking and scuffing. Met-L-Rax provides non-yellowing film toughness without sacrificing high gloss. Because of its metal-complexed chemistry, Met-L-Rax...

  • Micro-Cleanse Laundry Detergent - hE

    Micro-Cleanse Laundry Detergent - hE

    MC Laundry Detergent Is our premium liquid detergent that's suitable for a wide-range of cleaning operations. Micro-emulsion cleaning technology with optical brighteners and our premium fragrance blend leaves laundry items cleaner, brighter, and fresher...

  • Nusan - Neutral pH Disinfectant

    Nusan - Neutral pH Disinfectant

    *** This item can only ship UPS Ground or LTL due to item being a Hazardous Material. *** Nusan is an EPA-registered, neutral-pH, multi-surface cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant of hard non-porous inanimate environmental surfaces such as floors,...

  • Porta-Fresh - Holding Tank Deodorant

    Porta-Fresh - Holding Tank Deodorant

    Porta-Fresh is a highly-concentrated formulation that neutralizes malodors while providing a fresh, clean cherry scent. Porta-Fresh contains no phosphates or formaldehyde and is more effective and faster-acting than bacteria/enzyme products. Quat-based.

  • Sani-Suds - High-Foaming All-Purpose

    High lathering hair and body shampoo that combines the optimum in cleansing properties, yet is mild and non-irritating. Sani-Suds can be effectively used in hard water and is free-rinsing. New pleasant fragrance. Product Datasheet Unit: One U.S...

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