Commercial Cleaners

  • Bite II - Calcium & Rust Dissolver

    Bite II - Calcium & Rust Dissolver

    BITE II is a new acid-free replacement technology that is very safe to use compared to that of hydrochloric acid. Non-fuming and safe on most surfaces, BITE II is a concentrated powerful ready-to-use cleaner that disolves scale and hard water buildup...

  • Bobrick's Ammonia

    Bobrick's Ammonia

    Contains 4.5% ammonia. A highly economical cleaner for general cleaning and stripping floors. Bobrick's ammonia offers superior cleaning power at an economical price. Product Datasheet Unit: One U.S. Gallon (3.785 Litres)

  • Fresh-N-Foamy - Foaming Dispenser Systems

    Fresh-N-Foamy - Foaming Dispenser Systems

    Fresh & Foamy is formualted for use in foam-generating dispenser systems. Made from cosmetic-grade ingredients, Fresh & Foamy produces a rich, full lather, even in hard water. Fresh & Foamy contains special ingredients that provide excellent...

  • Glass-Act, Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Glass-Act, Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Glass-Act Cleaner is formulated for glass, but cleans so much more! Containing plant-based surfactants and corn-derived ethanol, Glass-Act quickly cuts through common soils while leaving a streak-free appearance. Special additives help control static...

  • Liquid Hand Soap with Aloe

    Liquid Hand Soap with Aloe

    An economical hand soap formulated to meet the chemical and physical requirements of Federal Specification P-S-624 Soap, Toilet (liquid). Prepared from a blend of the finest vegetable oils, Liquid Hand Soap is a mild cleaner which leaves the skin soft...

  • OxyGen - Spotter, Mildew Remover & Deodorizer

    OxyGen - Spotter, Mildew Remover & Deodorizer

    A fast, safe and highly effective ready-to-use product that removes spots and non-permanent stains from all fabrics and hard surfaces that are safe for water. Effective for removing pet stains, blood, coffee, tea, wine, odors, mildew and associated odors...

  • Soft & Clean, Hand & Body Wash, Green Tea

    Soft & Clean, Hand & Body Wash, Green Tea

    Soft & Clean Hand Soap is a quality thickened soap that leaves hands clean and soft. In addition to special ingredients that produce a rich lather (even in hard water), Soft & Clean Hand Soap leaves hands feeling smooth, even after repeated use. Product...

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